Where Is the Best Fishing on Lake Hartwell?

Where is the Best Fishing on Lake Hartwell?

Lake Hartwell is one of the best fishing spots in the Southeast. It is a large reservoir located on the Georgia-South Carolina border and provides anglers with plenty of opportunities to catch largemouth and spotted bass, stripers, crappie, catfish, walleye, and many other species. With its many coves, points, and flats, Lake Hartwell offers a variety of excellent fishing locations for all anglers.

For largemouth bass fishermen, the lake has numerous shallow areas that hold good populations of fish throughout the year. Some of these areas include Big Sandy Creek, Little River Arm, Long Point Cove and Big Creek Arm.

All of these locations have plenty of cover such as stumps, logs, rocks and aquatic vegetation that provide refuge for bass. For those looking to Target larger bass in deeper water during the summer months, there are also several main lake points such as Horseshoe Point and South Shore Point that offer great structure to fish around.

Striped bass can be found in abundance throughout Lake Hartwell during the spring months when they are spawning and feeding heavily. The best areas to Target them are in the major river arms such as Seneca River Arm and Tugaloo River Arm where both baitfish and shad are plentiful. The clear waters of Lake Hartwell make it easy for anglers to sight cast to these hard fighting gamefish with both artificial lures or live bait rigs.

Crappie anglers will find excellent opportunities for success on Lake Hartwell throughout the year. The many coves scattered around the lake provide ideal habitat for good numbers of crappies to inhabit during various times of year. In particular during springtime when crappies move into shallower water to spawn near brush piles or docks can be especially productive.

For those looking to catch catfish there are plenty of options available on Lake Hartwell as well. During summer months channel cats can often be found in large schools near creek channels or around deep water humps while blue cats prefer live baits fished near drop offs or ledges at night time hours. Additionally anglers can also find bullheads up shallow in some coves during warmer times of year feeding on insects and worms near vegetation beds or submerged stumps.

Walleye can also be caught from time-to-time on Lake Hartwell depending on seasonal patterns but they are not as abundant here as other species like striped bass or largemouth bass so they may take some extra effort to locate them during certain times of year when they move in shallower waters to feed or spawn. However if you’re willing put in some extra work you may have success finding them near deep weeds beds or rocky points with live bait rigs in depths ranging from 10-30 feet deep depending on time period you’re fishing it at..

In conclusion, Lake Hartwell offers a variety excellent opportunities for all types anglers throughout its vast expanse waters whether your Targeting largemouth bass near shallow cover or striper schooling up river arms there’s something here any fisherman could enjoy no matter what type species your looking fish for! With its many coves points flats this lake truly provides perfect conditions any angler who wishes try their luck catching big one!


There is no single “best” spot for fishing on Lake Hartwell because it offers a variety of prime locations depending on which type species you’re Targeting – from shallow coves ideal for largemouth bass fishing to deeper points better suited for stripers – so it really just depends what kind fish you’re after! However regardless which type fish your interested catching Lake Hartwell has something every angler should enjoy due its wide range options available throughout its vast expanse waters!

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