What Kind of Fish Do You Catch With Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a type of fishing that uses an artificial fly as bait. The artificial fly is light and is attached to the end of a long, lightweight rod.

The rod is used to cast the fly into the water, and when a fish takes the bait, it’s “caught”. Fly fishing can be done in both fresh and saltwater.

What types of fish can be caught using fly fishing?

Fly fishing offers anglers a wide variety of fish to catch. Different types of fish can be caught depending on the type of water you are fishing in (lake, river, stream, pond).

In freshwater, some common species caught with fly fishing include bass, trout, bluegill and crappie. In saltwater environments, species such as redfish, bonefish and tarpon can be caught with fly fishing.

One advantage of fly fishing is that it allows anglers to Target specific species more effectively than other forms of fishing. By using different types of flies or lures for different species, anglers can Target the exact type of fish they are looking for. This makes for a more enjoyable and successful outing.

Another advantage to fly fishing is that it can be done in many different types of waters. Whether you’re casting your line out in a lake or off a beach in saltwater conditions, there are likely to be plenty of fish waiting to take your bait!


Fly fishing is an exciting and rewarding form of angling that offers anglers a variety of species to catch. From bass and trout in freshwater to redfish and tarpon in saltwater environments – there’s something for everyone! And with its ability to Target specific species more effectively than other forms of fishing, it’s no wonder why so many anglers choose this method for their next outing.

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