What Kind of Fish Are in Fishing Creek Lake?

Fishing Creek Lake is a popular fishing spot in Pennsylvania, known for its abundance of species that call the lake home. The lake is approximately 300 acres in size, and has a maximum depth of around 20 feet. It is a reservoir that was created by damming Fishing Creek in the late 1940s.

Types of Fish

The lake contains a variety of fish species, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, yellow perch, white perch, sunfish and catfish. The most popular game fish that anglers come to catch are largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Both species can be found throughout the lake during the summer months and provide great opportunities for anglers to catch some impressive sized fishex. Walleye can also be caught throughout the lake with some success during certain times of the year. Northern pike are also present but their numbers are somewhat limited compared to other species in the lake.

Fishing Regulations

In order to protect the fish population in Fishing Creek Lake there are state regulations that must be followed by anglers who wish to fish on the lake. All anglers over 16 years old must possess a valid Pennsylvania fishing license before they can legally fish on Fishing Creek Lake.

There is also a creel limit in place which limits each individual angler to 10 walleyes and 5 northern pikes per day with no more than 20 walleyes or 10 northern pikes in possession at any time. In addition to these limits there is also a minimum size limit for both walleyes and northern pikes which requires them to be at least 15 inches long before they can be kept as part of an individual’s daily creel limit.


Fishing Creek Lake is home to many different types of fish including largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, yellow perch, white perch, sunfish and catfish. Anglers looking to fish on Fishing Creek Lake must comply with all state regulations including possessing a valid Pennsylvania fishing license as well as following the creel limit and minimum size limits for certain species of fish.

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