What Is an Open Face Fishing Pole?

Open face fishing poles are becoming increasingly popular among fishermen of all skill levels as they offer a number of advantages over traditional spinning rods and reels. An open face fishing pole is a type of rod and reel combination that features an exposed spool design, allowing the user to easily access the line when casting or retrieving.

Unlike closed face spinning rods and reels, which require the user to manually wind the line onto the reel by hand, open face fishing poles allow for easy access to the line without having to pull it out from under an exposed spool. This makes it ideal for beginners who may not have a lot of experience with handling lines, as well as experienced anglers who want to make quick adjustments while still keeping their hands free.

Another advantage that open face fishing poles offer is increased sensitivity when casting and retrieving. Since the line is more accessible, anglers can feel even small bites or nibbles on their lure more easily than with closed-face spinning rods and reels. This can help anglers better detect subtle changes in water conditions or bait presence that could indicate a bite is imminent.

In addition to greater sensitivity when casting and retrieving, open face fishing poles also provide increased control when fighting larger fish. Since there is no need to manually wind the line back onto a closed-face reel, users can quickly adjust their tension on the line without having to stop reeling in or take their attention away from fighting the fish. This can be especially useful for novice anglers who may not be used to fighting larger fish.

In conclusion, an open face fishing pole is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced anglers alike due to its increased sensitivity and control when retrieving bait or fighting larger fish. These rods offer a number of advantages over traditional spinning rods and reels, making them an excellent choice for any fisherman looking for improved performance on their next outing.

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