Is Lake Gaston Good for Fishing?

Lake Gaston is a man-made lake located in the states of North Carolina and Virginia. It was created in 1963 when the Roanoke Rapids Dam was built across the Roanoke River.

With a maximum depth of 90 feet and an average depth of 35 feet, Lake Gaston is one of the larger lakes in the region. The lake covers over 20,000 acres and has 350 miles of shoreline, making it a popular destination for fishing.

The lake is home to many different species of fish including largemouth bass, catfish, bluegill, crappie, walleye, striped bass and muskie. It also has a healthy population of white perch and yellow perch. Anglers can find plenty of structure to Target with stumps, logs and weeds providing ample habitat for fish.

Fishing on Lake Gaston can be very rewarding. The lake is known for its trophy-sized largemouth bass which are often caught by anglers using artificial lures or live bait.

Catfish are also plentiful in Lake Gaston with anglers Targeting them using cut bait or live bait such as shad or herring. Crappie fishing is also popular on the lake with anglers often Targeting them around submerged timber or brush piles.

Lake Gaston offers some great opportunities for anglers looking to catch fish. With its large size and varied habitat, there are plenty of spots to explore for all types of fish. Whether you’re looking for trophy-sized bass or just out for a relaxing day on the water, Lake Gaston has something to offer.


In conclusion, Lake Gaston is an excellent destination for fishing enthusiasts due to its variety of species and abundant structure that provides ideal conditions for successful angling adventures. Whether you’re after trophy-sized bass or just looking to relax with some panfish, Lake Gaston provides something for everyone who loves spending time on the water in pursuit of their favorite species.

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