How Do You Make a Fishing Line Net?

Making a fishing line net is a relatively easy and cost effective way to set up a simple fishing net. With the right tools and some basic knowledge, anyone can make a functional fishing line net that will catch small fish for bait or for sport.

To begin creating a net, the first task is to gather all necessary materials. This includes a durable monofilament fishing line, preferably one with a 30-pound test, a pair of scissors or wire cutters, and a selection of small weights. These weights can range from small rocks to metal washers, depending on the desired size of the net.

Once you have all of your materials gathered together, it’s time to start making the net. Begin by cutting several lengths of the monofilament fishing line in different sizes. Make sure that each length is long enough to reach across the width of your desired fishing area.

Next, tie one end of each length of line to one of your weights. You can also tie them together if you want to form a “frame” for the bottom half of your net. This will help keep it from moving around when you are dragging it through the water.

Then, tie off all of your lines at about four feet above where you attached them to the weights. This will create a “ceiling” for your net and help keep smaller fish from escaping when they get into it.

Once everything is tied off securely, you can begin attaching smaller lengths of line between each weight and its corresponding length of main line. Tie off these smaller lines at two feet intervals in order to create mesh pockets within the net that will trap any fish that enter.

Making a fishing line net is an easy and economical way to construct a simple fishing net. With just some basic supplies and knowledge anyone can make their own functional fishing line net that will trap small fish as bait or for sport.

All that is needed is monofilament fishing line, wire cutters or scissors, and some weights which could be anything from rocks to metal washers depending on what size net you are making. After cutting several strands in different lengths, tie off one end with a weight before tying off all strands at four feet above where they were attached in order to create a “ceiling” for the pocketed mesh part of your homemade fishing line net which should be tied off at two foot intervals between each weight and its corresponding length of main line.

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